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Case Study: Home Theater For Use By Elderly Person

Posted By Aaron Green - 08 Jul, 2013

Masahiro from Green Works Inc in Japan is an enthusiastic user of CommandFusion products. He recently sent us this case study of a recent installation he carried out at a residence in Tokyo, Japan.

5 years ago, an elderly 70 year old woman had a home theater room installed in her home in Tokyo, Japan. However, due to the amount of remote controls required to even watch standard TV and the complexity of the start up procedure, she was reluctant to use the home theater system.

iPad interface iViewer

Masahiro visited the customer and quickly recommended that all the remotes be replaced by a single iPad running CommandFusion's iViewer 4. This would allow the control interface to be customised to suit the customer and would remove the need for many different remotes.

It was also recommended that the 5 year old projector be replaced, and a new Blu-ray player be installed. To control all this, Masahiro suggested a small CommandFusion hardware installation to allow the iPad to control all devices seamlessly.

To read the full case study by Green Works Inc, see the article in our wiki.

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