The CommandFusion Solution

CommandFusion designs and manufactures a range of automation and control hardware and software.

Create the ultimate control system

Combine the flexibility of the modular hardware range, with the power of iViewer on your mobile device to control almost anything. Whether its home automation or commercial control, Commandfusion products will suit any project.

Control your house with CommandFusion

Use CommandFusion to create the ultimate smart home. Think of our hardware as the glue that connects all your normally stand-alone items. Then use iViewer to control everything from one, easy to access control panel - your phone or tablet!

Just some of the systems that CommandFusion makes it easy to connect:

  • Home Theater (TV, Surround Sound, Projector)
  • Lighting, Blinds, Curtains
  • Heating/Cooling (HVAC)
  • Security Alarm, CCTV
  • Door Locks, Access Control

Build your system the way YOU want

Because of its modular design, it’s super easy to design a control system using CommandFusion hardware that suits your projects unique requirements and budgets.

Need more infrared outputs? Simply add a MOD-IR8 module to your MOD4! Then easily expand your home automation network into other areas by adding new devices via the CFLink bus or a standard ethernet network.

This means that you aren’t paying for features you don’t need, and the system can grow as you expand it through your home or office.

When you have your control hardware setup, easily control it (and any other IP-enabled device) with iViewer for Mobile Devices! iViewer allows you to create a graphical user interface that looks any way you want, and right on your own iOS or Android device!

Perfect for any user:
DIY or Professional Integrator

Whether you are a DIY user or a professional integrator, CommandFusion products are designed for you.

Integrators will enjoy the modular design, and the cost effectiveness will allow you to compete with integrators that are using much more expensive systems and still achieve the same result.

DIY users will find the features and price very hard to beat. CommandFusion support is second to none, so getting help when you need it is easy.

Many Applications & Use Cases

CommandFusion products are not limited to home automation. They have been used in many different applications, some examples of these are:

  • Commercial office automation
  • Boardrooms
  • Yachts and superyachts
  • Emergency response vehicles
  • Education (schools, universities)
  • Houses of worship
  • Home theater

Open Protocols - Talks to any system

We don’t believe in limiting the software and hardware you must use to create your control system. We want to allow you to choose components that best suit your requirements, which is why we have implemented open protocols which allow for easy communication with other control systems and services.

This means that you can easily connect CommandFusion hardware and software with other brands of control systems such as Crestron, Control4, Global Cache etc.

iViewer for Mobile Devices

Our app for Apple iOS and Android devices allows you to control any IP-enabled devices, including our own hardware, directly from your iPad, iPhone, Android device, etc.

  • Fully customisable GUI
  • Control anything via Ethernet / Wi-Fi
  • Dynamic feedback processing
  • Javascript API
  • Utilise advanced device sensors and features
  • iOS/Android support
  • Choose a version to suit your requirements
» Read more about iViewer

Hardware Agnostic

iViewer is hardware agnostic, meaning that it doesnt rely on a certain type of equipment to be able to talk to your devices.

Just some of the hardware protocols that iViewer can integrate with:

  • CommandFusion hardware
  • Crestron, AMX, Control4, RTI
  • Lutron, C-Bus
  • Zigbee, Z-Wave, Insteon
  • KNX
  • Global Cache
  • RGB Controllers
Try iViewer for free! compare the versions

Hardware Overview

CommandFusion manufacturers a range of automation and control hardware, accessible to professional integrators and DIY users.

  • Modular approach - add modules and other devices to create a tailored system that grows with you
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Distributed intelligence - no single point of failure
  • Ethernet connectivity and CFLink bus
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty

CFLink Benefits

Our automation hardware communicates over a wired bus called CFLink. The bus has been engineered for high reliability communications in automation environments.

  • Connect data and power to all devices via a single cable
  • Flexible topologies
  • Use any 5 wire cable
  • Long distance runs of over 1.5kms without repeaters
  • No expensive network equipment required
  • Peer to peer bus - no reliance on a single piece of hardware
  • Automatic ID conflict resolution

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