CommandFusion offers a customised rebranding program for our iViewer application, allowing your company to present a uniform corporate identity to your clients.

iViewer OEM Custom Icon

The end result is your own branded application on the App Store, with the same powerful functionality as our CommandFusion iViewer application.

OEM Features

App Store Listing

This screenshot shows our iViewer app listing in the Apple App Store. Click on the red dots for more details on some of the rebranding options.

Your rebranded application can be released under our Apple Developer account, which will list 'CommandFusion' as the developer, or we can use your Apple Developer account if you prefer (extra costs involved).

Choose the app store categories to be listed in
Customise your app icon
Your own app name here
Released under CommandFusion's Apple Developer account, or your own developer account if you prefer.
Customise the app store listing including screenshots, app description, contact details, etc.
Receive customer feedback directly in the app store.

Customised GUI

OEM versions of iViewer can load custom user interfaces just like our iViewer app, but the default GUI that is installed with the app can be fully customised to suit your requirements.

It could be a simple interface with examples of your work, or a fully working GUI with in-app settings.

No license is required for devices running the default GUI, so you are free to use page flips and subpages as you need.

Add system connections for demo systems or even auto device discovery.
Build settings into your GUI for changing connection details, etc, without loading custom GUIs.
Use multiple pages and subpages as needed.
Create your default user interface using our guiDesigner software.


All OEM partners have access to detailed analytics for their application.

View detailed stats on numbers of downloads and updates over any period of time.

Access all App Store reviews and ranking details from around the world.

Custom Integrators

App Store OEM

Reinforce your corporate identity

Keep your brand in front of the customer every time they use their control system.

Promote your services

Design your app's default GUI to showcase your past work and provide examples on what your company can deliver. Include your contact details or even build in an automated enquiry system.

App Store Icon

App Store Icon

Differentiate your company from the competition

Stand out from the crowd of custom integrators with your own home automation app.

Product Manufacturers

Ethernet Product

App for controlling your product

If your device is controllable via Ethernet (wired or wireless) or even RS232, the CommandFusion OEM program allows you to create a custom app to control your product and distribute it on the app store.

Highly efficient and effective

Mobile app development is a never ending expensive process. Take advantage of the years of development behind iViewer and our continual progress. Get a head start by utilising iViewer as your base and reap the rewards of dramatically increased speed to market.

Fast Speed to Market

Fast Speed to Market

Future proof, updated frequently

Your OEM app will be frequently updated to introduce new features as the iViewer base application continues to evolve. Future proof your app development for platform updates and mobile device introductions.


CommandFusion OEM Specifications
This PDF outlines all the required information and files needed to submit an OEM iViewer build to the App Store.

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