Flood a room with infrared signals.
Go where cables can't.

IR Blaster has 270° coverage, to control ceiling fans, wall-mounted airconditioners, and other hard to reach devices.

270° blaster output.
Control anything in the room.

Control all devices in a cabinet from a single blaster output, as well as those hard to access devices such as ceiling fans and wall-mounted airconditioners.

On-board IR receiver.
Use any remote control.

The on-board IR receiver, combined with the Rules Engine allows triggering macros from any remote control button press.

Additional IR in & out.
For more direct control.

There are additional IR output and input connectors on the side, allowing an emitter to be used for more direct IR control and IR receiver placement.


The IR Blaster is a multi-functional IR control device. Featuring a 270° IR blaster on-board, as well as an additional 3.5mm jack for an IR emitter, you get the best of both IR control worlds - room flooding and directional control.

Rules Engine

All CFLink devices, including the CF Mini, support a powerful rule triggering engine. This allows you to trigger macros to run when a specific event occurs - such as reading a specific value via the I/O ports, or on incoming data via the RS232 port. Using the rules engine, you can setup basic or complex automation actions.

IR Receiver

The on-board IR receiver and additional 3.5mm jack for an IR receiver (not included), provide a way use the incoming IR signal to trigger macros via the Rules Engine. So you can use any IR remote control to perform actions throughout your automation system, such as control your lights or security system.

IR Database & Storage

All IR emitting devices in the CommandFusion range include an on-board IR database, with over 500,000 IR codes built in. If the device you want to control doesn't exist in the database, simply use our IR Learner to learn the IR codes and create an IR file ready for storage directly in the IR Blaster's on-board memory.

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Technical SpecificationsSee hardware documentation for more details

CFLink Detachable 5-pin 3.81mm terminal block for CFLink BUS
IR Out 3.5mm mini phone jack for external IR emitter (included)
IR In 3.5mm mini phone jack for external IR receiver (not included)
MicroSD slot Spring-loaded memory expansion slot
Front Panel
IR Blaster High-powered infrared blaster built-in, with over 270° coverage
IR Receiver On-board infrared receiver, front facing
CFLink Power 9-30V DC, 24V DC regulated recommended (power supply is not included)
Power Consumption 1W maximum
Top Panel
Power Indicator Blue LED indicates power status
CFLink Fault Indicator Red LED indicates error on CFLink BUS
CFLink Activity Indicator Yellow LED indicates CFLink BUS traffic
Setup Button Setup button used for factory reset
Reset Button Reset button restarts the processor
Blast Indicator Yellow LED indicates IR signal being sent via on-board Blaster output
Out 2 Indicator Yellow LED indicates IR signal being sent via 3.5mm IR output connector
Recv Indicator Yellow LED indicates IR signal being received via either the on-board IR receiver or the 3.5mm input connector
Enclosure Polycarbonate with dark grey matte finish
Height 32mm (1.26in)
Width 81.4mm (3.2in)
Depth 76.4mm (3.0in)
Weight 0.11kg (0.24lbs), Shipping 0.3kg (0.66lbs)
Environmental & Regulatory
Temperature 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
Humidity 20% to 85% RH, non-condensing
Certification FCC, CE, C-Tick
Warranty 5 years limited warranty

Downloads & Documentation


Quick Reference Guide
IR Blaster Quick Reference Guide includes details like pinout diagrams and general connectivity details.

Product Spec Sheet
Single page specification sheet.

Application Diagrams

Residential Application Diagram - Whole House
Residential - Whole House
Typical whole home automation diagram

download PDF
Commercial Application Diagram - Boardroom
Commercial - Board Room
Typical board room automation diagram.

download PDF

High Resolution Photos

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