Become A DealerGet access to better hardware pricing.

Become a CommandFusion Dealer today.

Companies familiar with installing and programming home automation systems are entitled to dealer pricing on hardware purchases.
The less we have to provide support, the more time we can spend on creating our products.

So for companies with high skill levels in the automation industry, we pass the support saving on in ways of lower product pricing.

New to Automation? Earn Your Dealer Status.

For companies that are new to home automation, the best way to become a dealer is to demonstrate your ability to use our hardware by purchasing it, using it, and getting familiar with it.

Build up an order history with us, and it is likely you will be granted dealer pricing access.

Already a dealer for other control system products?

Show us links to your company details on other manufacturers' websites, demonstrating your companies competence in the control systems industry. The dealer application form has a field specifically for this purpose.