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 CommandFusion [[software:​system-commander|System Commander]] allows you to configure your [[hardware:​start|CommandFusion hardware]]. CommandFusion [[software:​system-commander|System Commander]] allows you to configure your [[hardware:​start|CommandFusion hardware]].
 +Why should you choose iViewer? [[http://​​index.php/​blog/​2013/​11/​19/​why-choose-iviewer-for-mobile-automation-control-systems|See a list of important features and frequently asked questions here.]]
 For more details on our software, see the [[software:​start|CommandFusion Software]] page. For more details on our software, see the [[software:​start|CommandFusion Software]] page.
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 ===== Knowledge Base ===== ===== Knowledge Base =====
-The CommandFusion knowledge base is available ​[[knowledge-base|here]]+The CommandFusion ​Hardware ​knowledge base is [[hardware:​knowledge-base:​knowledge-base|available ​here.]]
 +The CommandFusion Software knowledge base is [[software:​knowledge-base:​knowledge-base|available here.]]
 +===== CommandFusion Blog =====
 +Keep up with all the latest [[http://​​blog|CommandFusion news]] by visiting [[http://​​blog|our blog]]. It is regularly updated and includes product news, articles, guides and more.
 +===== Most Popular Pages =====
 +The following is a list of the most common pages visited in the CommandFusion wiki.
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​gui-designer-basics|guiDesigner Basics]] - a quick overview of guiDesigner
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​gui-linking|GUI File Linking]] - information on linking GUI files in iViewer
 +  - [[hardware:​cflink|CFLink Protocol]] - information on CFLink, our hardware communications bus
 +  - [[software:​modules-and-examples:​|Modules and examples - a list of examples and modules for use with iViewer and guiDesigner]]
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​guidesigner-quick-start-guide|guiDesigner/​iViewer Quick Start Guide]] - a quick start guide to help get you started with iViewer and guiDesigner
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​release-notes|guiDesigner Release Notes]]
 +  - [[software:​iviewer:​iviewer-for-android|iViewer for Android Release Notes]]
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​system-manager:​feedback-parsing:​feedback-properties|Feedback Properties]] - information on the feedback properties window in guiDesigner
 +  - [[case-studies:​barry-gordon|Case Study - Barry Gordon'​s House]]
 +  - [[software:​knowledge-base:​brand-knowledge-base:​crestron|Knowledge Base - Crestron]]
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​system-manager:​http-request-commands|HTTP Requests]] - information on controlling devices via the HTTP protocol with iViewer
 +  ​
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