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 ====== CommandFusion Wiki ====== ====== CommandFusion Wiki ======
-<WRAP round info>​Welcome to the new CommandFusion Wiki. We are in the process of updating and collating all documentation into this one location so some information may be missing. If you require additional information see the old documentation below, or contact us via: http://​​support.html.</​WRAP>​ +This wiki serves as a centralised location for all CommandFusion documentation. Treat this wiki as the manual for guiDesigner,​ iViewer (all versions), System Commander, IR Learner software and all hardware.
- +
- +
-This wiki serves as a centralised location for all CommandFusion documentation.+
 To find what you're after: To find what you're after:
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   - View all content in the [[?​do=index|sitemap]]   - View all content in the [[?​do=index|sitemap]]
-<WRAP round box> We are currently looking for CommandFusion ​users who are knowledgable in our product to help maintain and update the WikiIf you are interested please see this link: </​WRAP>​+===== Getting Started ===== 
 +For information on getting started with CommandFusion ​productsSee our [[getting-started-with-commandfusion|Getting Started Guide]].
 ===== CommandFusion Software ===== ===== CommandFusion Software =====
 +CommandFusion [[software:​iviewer:​start|iViewer]] and [[software:​gui-designer|guiDesigner]] software allows you to create a graphical user interface (GUI) and upload it to your mobile device to control almost anything!
 +CommandFusion [[software:​system-commander|System Commander]] allows you to configure your [[hardware:​start|CommandFusion hardware]].
 +Why should you choose iViewer? [[http://​​index.php/​blog/​2013/​11/​19/​why-choose-iviewer-for-mobile-automation-control-systems|See a list of important features and frequently asked questions here.]]
 For more details on our software, see the [[software:​start|CommandFusion Software]] page. For more details on our software, see the [[software:​start|CommandFusion Software]] page.
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 ===== Knowledge Base ===== ===== Knowledge Base =====
-The CommandFusion knowledge base is available ​[[knowledge-base|here]]. +The CommandFusion ​Hardware ​knowledge base is [[hardware:​knowledge-base:​knowledge-base|available ​here.]]
- +
-===== Old Documentation ===== +
- +
-If the documentation you need is not in this Wiki, check the old documentation:​ +
-  * [[http://​​docs/​cflink/​|Old CFLink Protocol Documentation]] +
-  * [[http://​​docs/​hardware/​|Old CommandFusion Hardware Documentation]] +
-  * [[http://​​wiki/​index.php?​title=Main_Page|Old CommandFusion Wiki]]+
 +The CommandFusion Software knowledge base is [[software:​knowledge-base:​knowledge-base|available here.]]
 +===== CommandFusion Blog =====
 +Keep up with all the latest [[http://​​blog|CommandFusion news]] by visiting [[http://​​blog|our blog]]. It is regularly updated and includes product news, articles, guides and more.
-~~DISCUSSION:off~~+===== Most Popular Pages ===== 
 +The following is a list of the most common pages visited in the CommandFusion wiki. 
 +  - [[software:gui-designer:​gui-designer-basics|guiDesigner Basics]] - a quick overview of guiDesigner 
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​gui-linking|GUI File Linking]] - information on linking GUI files in iViewer 
 +  - [[hardware:​cflink|CFLink Protocol]] - information on CFLink, our hardware communications bus 
 +  - [[software:​modules-and-examples:​|Modules and examples - a list of examples and modules for use with iViewer and guiDesigner]] 
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​guidesigner-quick-start-guide|guiDesigner/​iViewer Quick Start Guide]] - a quick start guide to help get you started with iViewer and guiDesigner 
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​release-notes|guiDesigner Release Notes]] 
 +  - [[software:​iviewer:​iviewer-for-android|iViewer for Android Release Notes]] 
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​system-manager:​feedback-parsing:​feedback-properties|Feedback Properties]] - information on the feedback properties window in guiDesigner 
 +  - [[case-studies:​barry-gordon|Case Study - Barry Gordon'​s House]] 
 +  - [[software:​knowledge-base:​brand-knowledge-base:​crestron|Knowledge Base - Crestron]] 
 +  - [[software:​gui-designer:​system-manager:​http-request-commands|HTTP Requests]] - information on controlling devices via the HTTP protocol with iViewer 
 +  ​
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