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guiDesigner & iViewer Module System Sneak Preview Plus Beta Signup

Posted By Aaron Green - 27 Nov, 2013

The R&D team have been hard at work on a new module system for iViewer and guiDesigner. In this video, Jarrod Bell gives a quick run through of the upcoming modular framework for CommandFusion's powerful mobile automation and control platform iViewer.

The modular framework will allow for the creation of modules for any device that can be integrated with iViewer. The user designing the GUI will then be able to simply drag and drop to add commands and advanced functionality such as feedback to their GUI.

This sneak peek gives a quick overview as to how modules will be utilized in guiDesigner.

The modular framework is expected to launch in quarter 1 of 2014.

Apply To Become a Closed Beta Tester

We are currently accepting applications to be part of the closed beta testing for the creation of modules. As a beta participant, you will be able to create and test modules.

Manufacturers with hardware they wish to be easily controlled with iViewer are encouraged to apply.

Please note that this beta testing is primarily for the creation of modules - advanced knowledge of iViewer, guiDesigner and JavaScript is a preferred.

You can apply to be part of the closed beta testing here.

Successful applicants will be notified in the near future.

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